About us.


As part of the Corvay group , Corvay Consult is responsible for the consulting business. Next to their own expertise, our project managers can draw on the expertise of specialists from the Corvay Group and competent external consulting partners.


Independent consultant for sustainable business development with bioeconomy for companies in the pharmaceutical-, chemical-, food- and animal feed industries.

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Expert in the development of innovative bioprocesses and their scaling to pilot-, demonstration- and production scale.

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Sales- and distribution partner for high-quality specialty chemicals, particular bio-based or biotechnologically produced products, from selected manufacturers.

Kooperations Partner

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Long-standing partner in the field of environmental technologies with a focus on Asia.

Close partner for engineering solutions in the bioeconomy industry.


The DNA of Corvay Consult.

Corvay Consult's DNA contains all elements of company management, from foundation to development to exit - international management experience from almost 40 years of bioeconomy in the chemical- and pharmaceutical industries. Corvay Consult's DNA also codes for marketing and sales: after an extensive market analysis for a biotechnology company, it even founded its own sales and distribution company, Corvay Specialty Chemicals, die sich auf biotechnisch hergestellte Chemieprodukte, Biokunststoffe, Enzyme und Vitamine spezialisiert hat.

In 2002, Albrecht Läufer together with Herbert Stadler and in association with VCI-Nord and UVN (at that time: Unternehmerverbände Niedersachsen) the company BioRegioN GmbH. The purpose of the company was to manage the BioRegioN cluster on behalf of and in cooperation with the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs. By 2010, hundreds of networking events had been successfully organized and nearly 100 company start-ups had been actively supported.

Since 2006, the company has been increasingly active as a consultant for biotech companies, since 2008 under the name Corvay GmbH, since 2022 as Corvay Consult. Mandates included companies in the biopharmaceutical and vaccine sectors (Rhein-Biotech, now Dynavax Europe) as well as companies in the industrial bioeconomy (Direvo, ThyssenKruppUhde).

Other start-ups include Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH (founded in 2002, sold in 2018), BluCon Biotech GmbH (founded in Cologne in 2017), Corvay Bioproducts GmbHin the year 2018, which now operates under the BioMera brand, and last but not least, SEF Venture Management GmbHin 2023 together with four partners, which has started fundraising for the Sustainable Economy Fund No. 1.

We are also committed to the interests of the bioeconomy at the association level, as a member of BIO Deutschland and its "Industrial Bioeconomy" working group. The good handling of labor and social law for small and medium-sized companies that are not bound by collective tariff agreements is also a priority - through many years of involvement (since 2003) on the board of the ANA, the Allgemeinen Norddeutschen Arbeitgeberverbandes.