Entering a new market should bring growth and profit to your business. For all the possibilities and opportunities, entering a new market comes with risks. Entering a new market can be a costly endeavor if not well researched and planned. The market size, demand, regulatory environment, competition, culture, and preferences of your potential customers must be understood before the product or service can be launched. Unternehmen Wachstum und Gewinn bringen. Bei allen Möglichkeiten und Chancen birgt ein neuer Markt aber auch Risiken. Der Markteintritt kann ein kostspieliges Unterfangen sein, wenn nicht gut recherchiert und geplant wurde. Marktgröße, Nachfrage, regulatorisches Umfeld, Wettbewerb, Kultur und Vorlieben Ihrer potenziellen Kunden müssen bekannt sein, bevor das Produkt oder die Dienstleistung auf den Markt gebracht werden kann.

Market research is the tool for making informed market entry decisions on the following key issues:

  • What market position are you aiming for? Market leader? Follower? Niche?
  • Entry with your own team, with a distribution partner, or a combination?
  • Which marketing activities? Digital, analog, which trade shows, conferences?
  • What is the best time, the optimal timing of marketing activities?
  • How to ensure logistics, production, warehousing in the target market?
  • For products that require explanation: Ensure that customers receive technical application advice.

Gathering the information needed for market research can be challenging and the task can seem overwhelming. This is true for companies in general, but especially for start-ups, which by their nature have not been in business long and therefore do not have a strong network.

Corvay Consult has an extensive network of partners, freelancers and experts in most areas of the biotech-, chemical- and pharmaceutical industry and can help your company to gather reliable information within a short period of time. We analyze and interpret the collected data and prepare a report or presentation for our clients as a basis for decision making.