A major European chemical company commissioned Corvay Consult to evaluate a biotechnological production technology used by a competitor. Based on this study, the company was able to compare the investment and operating costs of its own bioconversion and purification process.

The first step was intensive research: Desk research is useful to gain an overview and to identify gaps in knowledge that require further investigation. As much secondary data as possible was collected and analyzed from reports, publications, websites and databases. The next step was primary research, which involved interviewing the relevant experts in our network to obtain information directly and unfiltered from the market.

After completing our research and analyzing and interpreting all the information and data, we were able to estimate the dimensions of the production plant. With our experience in the field of biotechnology and the fact that we have seen and developed similar processes, we were able to make a list of the theoretical equipment required, calculate the necessary scale and estimate the investment costs. Theoretical operating costs could be calculated using the relevant data collected on raw material, labor, energy and disposal costs, etc.

This example illustrates the importance of in-house expertise combined with strong networks to provide reliable analysis for questions for which the answers are not freely available or would take a very long time to obtain. In this way, we can create strategic advantages for our clients.