A major corporation was looking for a new use for a biotechnological production facility in its portfolio. As a first step, Corvay Consult was commissioned to prepare a market study on the demand for contract manufacturers in the bioeconomy outside of pharmaceutical biotechnology. The study was then focused on specific sectors of the bioeconomy, e.g. the production of enzymes.

Based on the study, the Group decided to market the system as a contract manufacturer (CDMO - Custom Development and Manufacturing Organization) and - in order to reach the market quickly - to commission Corvay with business development rather than taking over sales itself.

With many years of experience in the biotech industry, Corvay Consult was able to use its extensive network to find new clients. In order to identify the ideal client, it was important to understand both the potential issues of the client and to correctly assess the fit of the CDMO operation to ultimately create benefits for a mutually successful business relationship.